How to get started with Provide & Baseline?

Hi @kthomas,

I am interested to know:

a) How can I contribute to client libraries (to start with Python)? Where to start?

b) Additionally, I am happy to get involved in any Product Development or Business development work

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Finding out which other products or existing systems can get benefit from Provide and Baseline. For example - Pega <> Baseline | Provide
  • Pega has a diverse customer base and verticals.

Thank You

Hey Parth–

Great questions! My apologies for the delay on a response–

The best way to contribute to any of our open-source code is to give it a whirl and provide feedback/ask questions about blockers. We’re working on updating documentation across our stack to help make open-source development easier for anyone that wants to build on it, so feedback is really helpful in prioritizing where we focus our resources . Use GitHub issues for documenting code issues and ask any questions in here. We 're also nearing an official release of the Provide-CLI that will make getting started easier than ever - will keep the community posted with info.

From a product perspective - bringing forward defined, real world use cases is the best way to get involved right now. The Provide stack and the Baseline Protocol are both made to be as universally applicable as possible, so validating a solution with real world demand is an incredibly important factor in growing the ecosystem successfully.


thanks for the info…FE